Muktishree Cement Industry

The growth of city development and the expanding mature of big infrastructure project like hydropower, roads, etc.The country has a great need for cement. In order to curtail cement import from India and other countries, it is very important to establish Cement Factory in the country itself based on locally resources , which have may high quality  Lime Stones etc

Realizing the necessity of high quality cement production by utilizing the nation’s  natural resources, Muktishree  Pvt.Ltd has  submitted a proposal at  Nepal Government, Department of Mines and Geology for establishing a  Cement factory Agreement  has  been made with the Department of Mines and Geology on  2066.04.20 toput up a factory at Surkhet District where sufficient high quality lime stone in  available for the cement Plant.

he approach to the site area needs to be developed by means of bringing up around 35 km road and managing electrical power required for the plant. This would give a good start to the project. Nepal, at the present demand level is importing around 50% of its requirement of cement and this is also growing. Our production would significantly contribute to lessen the import at the national level.

The proposed capacity of the plant will 1500 tons per day. Total project cost is estimate to be about 46 Millions U.S.Dollars.  Preliminary survey works have been completed Detail survey will be started from oct, 2010 and project will be completed within 2014.

The factory will generate employment for about 1200 people. This will also be largest Cement project of Nepal as of now