About Us

Muktishree Pvt. Ltd. has been established under the company’s act and registered on 01.05.2006. The Company is promoted and chaired by Mr. Ajeya Raj Sumargi who is also involved in various business activities within and outside Nepal. He possesses wide range of business experience in such fields as communication, manufacture, energy, real estate and other development projects. Mr Sumargi’s and the groups aim has always been to work in industry and business that will help raise the economic standard of the country, make it more self sufficient, increase employment and assist in social upliftement.
Initially, Muktishree Pvt. Ltd. was established with the primary objective of investing and operating a telecommunication company in Nepal as well as other directly related activities. Subsequently, the company opted to diversify into establishing cement industries, hydropower projects, mineral water bottling and export project as well as developing mine and minerals as this sector has been traditionally the company’s forte. While Muktishree Pvt. Ltd. will continue to be the primary holding company, it has established independent sister companies as specialized business units with separate objective to focus on the different areas of the group’s interest: Muktishree Energy Pvt.Ltd. for the energy sector, Muktishree Cement Industries Pvt.Ltd. for the Cement sector and Muktishree Telecom Pvt.Ltd. for the Telecom sector. Similarly, it has a Media sector company-Bindabashini Media Pvt. Ltd, an Education sector company- Hetauda Education Foundation Pvt.Ltd.