Inco panel industries Pvt Ltd

Inco-panel is a building system which extends the protection of your home against natural and accidental damages while keeping the cost of construction below the traditional types, such as wood and metal frame. Inco –panel withstands damages from hurricanes, tornadoes, termites, and flooding, Earthquake resistant and even structural fire.

The panel construction system is a welded wire space frame manufacture, variable wire gauges with insulting from located in middle of the panel. The panels are manufactured for –foot widths and variable lengths as required for the application. Panel thickness is also variable to accommodate insulation requirements, load bearing capacities and architects’ design.

Healthy and safety are paramount importance in everyday life. It is therefore not surprising that health and safety take top priority in the building industry. However, the evaluation of building materials is not only concerned with technical specifications but with factors such as total environmental impact. The increasing demand for sustainable buildings means that the building industry has had to take a fresh look at the materials it uses and the way it uses them.

Composition of INCO-PANEL

  • A strong three dimensional steel wire frame encapsulating and insulation core of expanded polystyrene.

Construction features:


  • Energy efficient building technology
  • Superior Energy and Acoustical Efficiency
  • Earthquake resistant, Hurricanes, Flood and fire
  • Eliminates  mold, Fungi, Dry rot, Termite and rodent
  • 50%faster than conventional construction with added savings to construction and development costs.
  • Topographically flexible, adaptable to any development
  • Non-skilled labor friendly