Hetuda Education Foundation

Hetauda Academy is run by Hetauda Education Foundation as one of the main wing of the foundation with the accreditation by Higher Secondary Education Board. The academy is a non-profit making Institution devoted for social welfare.

The Academy is located in very natural place with more than ……………………………areas of school compound . School is designated for Gurukul System, and planning for became a unique education institution in Asian region .and targeted to have students from Asian region.

The main objective of the Academy is:
• To accomplish the quality education through competitive, innovative, creative and best applicable academic activities.
• To develop the overall communication skills, speaking, reading, writing and listening via the different means of teaching methodology.
• To sharpen the mental and physical personality of the students through the active participation of the students and under specific guidance and training on curricular and extra- curricular activities
• To unleash the teachers efficiency and creativity through the workshop, training and seminar.

HA was honoured by The District Education Office, Makawanpur for the excellent result of SLC ranking it as the first school amidst the private school within the district on Saturday, Bhadra 23.The school has topped in four different subjects in the district too