Madhav Raj Sumargi smriti kosh

Trust is created in the memory of late Social worker, Madhab Raj Sumargi, for the facilitation in collecting and use skill, labor and resources of different luminaries to eradicate disease and hunger, cope natural disaster, take it to the isolated group and community and establish value, belief and principles of great personality in the society, taking and assisting for the education and culture to the grassroots level (downtrodden people) along with the contribution for the development work, social and religious activities for the purpose.



  • Cooperate local people or local community in work for the development;
  • Assist for the development of Education, Health and Culture;
  • Recognize people for their significant contribution to the society and  try  to implement their contributions effectively further;
  • Establish the path of Scholar, Saint and Devotional figure in the society;
  • To contribute scientifically to meet the aforesaid activities.